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Career in Global Infotech Solution


At SIS, our learning and development programs are aimed at the holistic development of employees. These programs enable our employees imbibe the spirit of the organization, grow as individuals and professionals, and the programs equip them with the skills and knowledge required to deliver their best.

We believe that learning and development initiatives are invaluable for both, our employees and the organization. It helps forge stronger employee commitment and employee relationships, and a happier work environment - translating into reduced attrition levels. For employees, such well-planned programs help build sound technical and non-technical knowledge and skills that serve as the basis of long-term career growth.

The Company has built several training platforms and methods for delivery of programs. Some of them include:

  • Classroom sessions - the regular mode of training, wherein a trainer makes a presentation to participants and encourages discussions, typically like a classroom.
  • External Conferences, Seminars, and Open house programs where employees are nominated for external programs.
  • Self-study involves efforts on the part of a trainee, to use various sources and understand concepts, and be able to exhibit a degree of required expertise, to the Project Manager.
  • Assisted/guided self-study involves an ADG/Functional head, who helps trainees understand the facts and who also answers questions that emerge during training.
  • On-the-job learning is designed specifically for those employees who wish to use the time during their workday, to learn new technologies, languages, and platforms.
  • Knowledge Transfer sessions, by an expert on the subject, internally holds discussions with an interested group/project about a particular topic.